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The MeanStreet Riders and Uhl Works Apparel

The MeanStreet Riders and their manager industry veteran Bill Dern were in Nashville all last week for the Next Big Nashville music conference.

While at the music conference, our friends from MeanStreet were wearing some of the newest Uhl Works tees.

The MeanStreet Riders rock music group was formed from a group of songwriters that both ride motorcycles and write music about their love of the open road its culture and the freedom it brings. To check out their songs, some cool videos and photos of the band go to: or their Facebook page.

Their album will be completed and releasing in November 2010, stay tuned!

The MeanStreet Riders

Dowlin (left) and Shannon (right) of MeanStreet Riders with Patsy Wells. Dowlin is wearing Forbidden black tee and Shannon - the Vermillion Serpent red tee.

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