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I own a really cool building in Downtown Denver that I renovated in 1995. It is now the home of Gallery 1261 (twelve-sixty-one), the best gallery in the country. I started the business in partnership with a WORLD CLASS artist friend of mine named Qang Ho, who also acts as curator. Christine Serr, another friend who started one of the most successful galleries in Colorado, (Abend Fine Arts), is the gallery’s operator. Gallery 1261 is home to some of the finest artists in the world, and I am proud to be associated with both my fellow owners and the talented stable of artists.

I come from a family of 6 other artists, and I would very much like to introduce you to a few of them who post their works on a family website. These are some of my wonderful brothers and sisters whom all happen to be extremely talented within their chosen mediums. Pretty amazing, yes?

I work with a design firm that is responsible for the identities and marketing for many of my commercial ventures. Barnes Bros. Creative designs logos, brochures, direct mail, web sites and much more, and I’ve utilized all those abilities over the years. They designed this website as well as my “David Uhl Fine Art” book.

I started out as a commercial illustrator, many years ago, right out of art school, and Uhl Illustration was born. It was through Uhl Illustration that I entered Harley-Davidson art, creating illustrations for shirts, posters and more. I eventually took on a partner, the incredibly talented Danial Stuckenschnieder, and to this day, Uhl Illustration is still creating beautiful art for Harley-Davidson products, as well as images for many other businesses and industries.

Here are some sites that I would like to recommend for the motorcycle enthusiasts out there:

Our friends and rock musicians, The MeanStreet Riders…Their song “High on the Hog” was recently featured in our “Stella” video

My good friend Genevieve Schmitt, promoter of women riders

My hugely talented photographer friend

A great Motorcycle News Site

A really really talented artist/photographer/builder friend

Another great builder with a great motoblog

Cyril Huze Blog - World's Number One Source For Custom Motorcycle News

The incredibly knowledgeable Ed Youngblood @

One of my favorite periodicals in the industry “Ironworks”

All the good folks at the Wheels Through Time Museum

Jeff Decker – Hippodrome Studios


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