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Harley-Davidson Art

In 1994, Danial James and David Uhl started cooperating with Harley-Davidson. Their first project involved preparing five Harley-Davidson t-shirt designs for Holoubek (a licensed Harley-Davidson producer). Few years later other Harley-Davidson licensees saw their art and wanted to apply it to their products. The designs were then applied to other merchandise including towels, puzzles, games, mugs etc.

During this time, Danial also started to personalize the merchandise and t-shirt designs for various Harley-Davidson dealers and national motorcycle events. Danial created a Christmas Program for Harley-Davidson, Inc. between 2004 and 2006. This involved creating Christmas designs for the merchandise that was available in Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country. Danial also created a Vintage Style Poster Program for Harley-Davidson Inc. (2004-2006), including10 vintage poster designs.

In 2006, Uhl Studios obtained the Harley-Davidson license.

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V-Twin Venom

Iron Horse

Call of the Wild


Flight Fight

Loud and Proud



Howl at the Moon


Land of the free

A Cut Above

Spitting Fire

Harley-Davidson Sunflowers

Wolf Eagle Spirit

Sky Spirit


Made in America


Gental Flame Wolf

Keeper of the flame

Hot Head

Molten Eagle Flame

Flame Eagle has landed

Flame Eagle Cry

Eternal Flame

Spirit in the Sky

Star Cam

Molten Steel

Howell and Growel

Fury Unleashed

Fire Breather

Around the world

Wild Ones

Long Live


Molten Eagle

Fire & Ice

Flame Wing Tank

Electra Glide

Super Glide


The Entity


Chrome Rose

Solar Eagle

Forged for the future

Brute Force

Tribal Tattoo

Harley-Davidson Medallion

V Rod

Piston Power

Royal Eagle

Protector of the shield

Tiger Attiude

Blazing Throttle

Majestic Sun

Harley-Davidson Montage

Eye of the Storm

Thunder Heads

Pack Leader

Wolf Eagle Flame

Bear Paw


Flight Script

Medicine Wheel

Steer Head Collage


Free Flight

American Pride

Freedom Flag

All American

Harley-Davidson Flag

Heavy Duty Harley-Davidson

Star Eagle

Pirate Pride


Dragon Flight

Eternal Combustion

Wind Rider

Legends Roam

Untamed Spirit

Fire Fall

Riding Hot

Roll On

Howling Heritage

Freedom Wings

Hot Head Scream

Biker King

Gold Wing Growl


Masters of Machine

Ride with Pride

Snake & Dagger

Winged Snake

Harley-Davidson Gargoyles

Harley-Davidson Griffin

Primal Forces

Legends Roar

Screaming Flame

Celtic Skull

Feel The Thunder Skull

Hot Head Skull

Hot Head Skull 2

The Ultimate Machine

Free Ride


Chrome Heat

Classic Tradition

Wild Thing

Biker to the Bone

Solar Blades

Vintage Pride

Pipe Wings

Harley-Davidson Warhol Engines

Harley-Davidson Warhol Headlights

Pure Harley

King Dragons

Leader of the Pack

V-Twin Flame

Pride Eye


Soaring Heat

Loyal to One

Skull Web

Harley-Davidson Extremist

Eagle Craz

Harley-Davidson Experience Eagle

Harley-Davidson Experience Wolf

Tank Dual

CowSkull Rattler

Vintage Feel the Heat

Harley-Davidson Arm Band

American Pride

Sturgis Blades

Harley-Davidson Vintage

Chrome Crest

Solar Wings

Under the Wing

In the Sky

Wings of Pride

Old School

Legends Never Die

Duces Wild

Piston Head

Open Road

Vintage Style

Tribal Flame

Tribal Roar

Tribal Call

Burning Heart

Born to Roam

Skull Wings

Blue Flame Engine

Wild at Heart

Reflection Perfection

Harley-Davidson Strokes

Relic Wings


Way of Life

Sworn to Fun

American Classics

PinUp Pirate


PinUp Nouveau

Harley-Davidson Beauty

That's the Ticket

Shifting into Popularity

Art of the Motorcycle

Outdoors Greatest Sport


Motorcycle Supreme

36 Knuckle

Hill Climb

Split Image

Harley-Davidson for 1930s

Deco Eagle

30's Deco

Grand Junction Harley-Davidson

Aspen Valley Harley-Davidson

Mason City Harley-Davidson

Mason City Harley-Davidson 2

Pacific Harley-Davidson

Pacific Harley-Davidson 2

Pacific Harley-Davidson 3

Pacific Harley-Davidson 4

Pacific Harley-Davidson 5

Castle Rock Harley-Davidson

Rocky Mt. Harley-Davidson

Granite Mt. Harley-Davidson

Granite Mt. Harley-Davidson 2

Granite Mt. Harley-Davidson 3

Dealer Harley-Davidson

Dealer Harley-Davidson 2

Dealer Harley-Davidson 3

Dealer Harley-Davidson 4

Dealer Harley-Davidson 5

Dealer Harley-Davidson 6

Dealer Harley-Davidson 7

Dealer Harley-Davidson 8

Dealer Harley-Davidson 9


Mountainfest 2

Sturgis Skull


Sturgis 65th

Call for Sturgis

Sturgis Dragon

100th Anniversary

Red River

Red River Run

Red River 2



Winter Dealer

Summer Dealer

Winter Dealer 2


Santa at Work

Thumbs Up Santa

What a Ride

Side Car Full


Christmas List


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