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Pin-up Series

I’ve always wanted to explore this genre of illustration and have always enjoyed the works of Mr. Elvgren and Vargas. Uhl Studios creates many of the T-shirt designs for MDA’s Dealer Shirts at each of Harley-Davidson’s conventions. “Playin’ Around” was the most successful design for them ever at the 2007 summer show in Nashville and I decided to offer an exclusive edition of prints. Plans include releasing a series of 12 variations on this theme. Ultimately this imagery may end up on other licensed H-D products.

In keeping with my philosophy of limiting the number of available prints, with a maximum of 40 prints these sell out extremely quickly each time a new piece is released.

Categories: pin-up art, pin up art, motorcycle art, Harley-Davidson art


Daytona Dippin'



Ice Relic

Frozen in Time

The Alchemist

Fuel for the Soul

Black Hills Ballad

Passing the Torch

Attention to Detail

Still Kickin'

When Vanity Calls

Joy Ride

Pick Your Poison


Bronc Buster

The Diva


Winner Takes All



El Toro

Stallion Struggle

Desert Bloom

Love Triangle

75th and Main


Timber Titan

Chasing Cans

Reining Supreme

The Sentinel



Whoa Fella

Smokin' Guns


Arm Jerker


Free Spirit

Celluloid Selfie

Epic Discovery

Daytona Duel

Return to Sender


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