“I am a homeowner, biker, and art collector, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about David Uhl Studios. First off, David Uhl  is a magnificent artist. His pieces are exceptionally creative and his subjects very interesting. However, his real talent shows up in how he captures light. He is a master of the dispersion of light and shadow, and how it affects the entire landscape of his paintings. This allows you to feel as though you are a part of the painting, or at least feel as though you are viewing it from a distinct perspective. As with any great artist, he has created his own unique style.
I do not really know David well, but have seen him in person many times. He has always taken the time to chat with me no matter how busy he was. Although a special talent, he is very approachable and down to earth.
As for the business side of his art, Greg Rhodes has his own talent. Whenever I had a question, whether about availability, pricing etc. he has always been very accessible and accommodating. Whenever I have had an issue, he has quickly resolved any problem and made me feel as important as if I was his only collector.
Together they make a great team.
I have been collecting David’s art for several years, and have no wall space to prove it! I have always had an exceptional experience.”
Michael S
Westminster, MD

“My first purchase was in Daytona, in the late 90’s—’Ruby’. Throughout the years I’ve become an avid collector.
David’s work puts me into the time, place and emotion of the painting. My art collection is also a collection of memoirs of events attended, new friends met, and rich history shared from the stories behind the pictures and some of the models I have met.
David and Greg have become great friends who always have time to talk and share. Every purchase has been handled with PERSONALIZED and professional service!”
Julie M
Dover, PA




“I have been collecting David’s work for well over ten years now. I was first introduced to David’s work through my parents who purchased some of his first Harley pieces. The customer experience is above and beyond anything I have experienced when it comes to purchasing art. Greg is very helpful and laid back in his approach to working with old and new collectors alike. There are never any high pressure sales tactics! Watching David evolve as an artist over the years has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years has in store.”
Jason M
Overland Park, KS





“David Uhl should come with a warning label, ‘caution: may be addicting!!’  3 years ago we met David and Greg at a Harley dealer customer appreciation day event. Little did we know the ‘Seduction’ that was about to become the gateway to a whole new world for us, literally shaping and transforming our home.  We now enjoy more than a dozen of David’s works in our home…even remodeled changing lighting to properly display them!! David, Greg and the staff at Uhl Studios have been so easy to work with and we look forward to each new release with a combination of anticipation and dread…dreading the day we run out of wall space and have to get a bigger house to accommodate them…wait, that is currently happening!!!  Thank you David for sharing your talent with us and being such a conversation piece for all that visit our home!!”
Phil and Kim N
Minot, ND







“I have been collecting some of David’s fine art for some 5 to 6 years, perhaps a bit longer. In addition to having a great story with some history behind every piece, his work is nothing short of phenomenal. The details covered in each of his masterpieces will often, at first, escape the most trained eye. In addition, his support team collectively make it an absolutely positive experience to acquire some of his work. For as long as David will transfer his imagination onto an oil painting, I will certainly continue to endeavor acquiring some of his work.”
Paul D
Rialto, CA




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