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Recent Releases

Since I began putting paint on canvas in 1998, I have come to realize that the vast majority of my paintings have been based in and around the motorcycle industry. In addition to my motorcycle art, I’ve begun amassing other collections including aviation art and automotive art. After looking over the many pieces, I think the collection categories on the website now group these works appropriately.

The last decade has allowed me the pleasure of meeting tens of thousands of people at numerous rallies and functions. From this, I have established a loyal group of collectors. When I became licensed directly with The Motor Company in 2004, I wanted to create a new art program – one which rewards the people who support my efforts.

I decided to make my works more exclusive by reducing the standard release edition size from 500 to 150 – and many of the editions are much smaller than that. My goal is to always limit the edition sizes to a smaller number which will ensure a sell-out and help each print gain a strong foothold in the secondary market.

A more recent change surrounds many of my works published prior to 2004. For the past few years these works were unavailable for sale through Uhl Studios. I’m happy to say that we recently acquired many of these unsold prints from the previous publisher and are offering most of them at their original release prices.

Ultimately it is of paramount importance that all the folks that hang my work in their homes or offices feel that they have made an excellent choice/investment. I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future, and thank you all for your words of encouragement and support.

Feel free to cruise the website. Here are the recent releases from the past 12 months. You can browse older pieces in the “Collections” section. I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it.

David F Uhl

David Uhl Fine Art offers a variety of motorcycle art, Harley-Davidson art, aviation art and automotive art.  If you’re looking for more information on collecting David’s works, please see the following link.

A few useful tips from Uhl Studios National Sales Manager – Greg Rhodes.


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Daytona Duel

Return to Sender


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