The Giclée Process

To create fine art prints from paintings by David Uhl, we use the Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) process. Giclée reproductions were originally developed as a plateless method of fine art printing. The word Giclée is French for “to spray” or “to sputter.” A Giclée print is the highest quality print available today. Our prints begin with a full-sized, high-quality scan of the original painting. Our printing process sprays droplets of ink as small as the size of a human red blood cell onto fine art canvas to create prints that cannot be duplicated by other printing techniques. Because there is no visible dot screen pattern the resulting image has all of the subtle tonalities of the original art. Fade-resistant inks are used to ensure that this quality will last. The proceedure ensures exceptional, museum quality prints.

Each of our fine art prints are framed using high quality materials and solid construction for the best presentation possible.

Caring for Your Fine Art Purchase