Memorial Colors

David has been asked countless times when he would do a special piece for veterans and specifically for the Rolling Thunder ride in Washington, DC. In 2018, he released three new paintings to celebrate the event and those who participate, and especially to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so we may enjoy the freedoms we have here in America.

This watercolor is titled “Memorial Colors”.  Against the backdrop of the Lincoln Memorial and amidst the framing of the trees, our flag leads the procession.

These limited, hand-signed, numbered prints on watercolor paper are available in two sizes, and come with a certificate of authenticity and a commemorative nameplate.

Opening Price (2018)
Current/Final Studio Sale*
Regular paper: 6
11″ x 14″ unframed
$495 – RARE
11″ x 14″ framed $350
$695 – RARE
Large paper: 6
18″ x 24″ unframed
$1,500 – SOLD OUT
18″ x 24″ framed $650
$1,650 – SOLD OUT
Total Edition Size: 12
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
To reserve your print please contact Greg Rhodes at: 303-913-4840 or
Keywords : watercolor series, Rolling Thunder commemorative

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* Final Studio Sale reflects the price of the final piece sold in the edition. Once sold out, market conditions determine future prices on the secondary market.