Once Upon a Time

Since 2005, David has created a special piece for Sturgis every year. He continues that tradition with “Once Upon a Time…”.

In David’s words, After the insanity of the past couple of months (creating two special 110th anniversary pieces for Harley-Davidson, traveling, etc), I forced myself to slow down for a moment when considering my Sturgis commemorative for this year. “Once Upon a Time…” is a very calming piece of art, one that reflects a slower pace and the simple beauty of the Black Hills countryside. This is a work that I must confess I NEEDED to do. Just to relax, take some time and enjoy the ART of painting.”

Print comes framed with certificate of authenticity.

Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2013)
Current/Final Studio Sale*
Regular canvas: 70, 6 AP, 2 HC
28″ x 21″
$3,850-SOLD OUT
Jumbo canvas: 7, 3 AP, 1 HC
40″ x 30″
$5,000-SOLD OUT
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
To reserve your print please contact Greg Rhodes at: 303-913-4840 or greg@uhlstudios.com

Keywords: Motorcycle art, Harley art, Sturgis art, Hot Rod art

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* Final Studio Sale reflects the price of the final piece sold in the edition. Once sold out, market conditions determine future prices on the secondary market.