A Milwaukee Morning

There is a symbolism to this work; the warm light of the factory spills out onto the fresh snow on the street. The early dawn seems silent, but this is just the beginning. New crated motorcycles are being loaded onto a horse-drawn flatbed wagon, and America has no idea yet that these powerful machines will become the symbol of freedom and independence that they are today. The horses appear slightly impatient; ready to get this show on the road!

Print comes framed with certificate of authenticity.

Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2002)
Current/Final Studio Sale*
Canvas: 250, 50 AP, 5 HC
42″ x 21″
Total Edition Size: 305
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
To reserve your print please contact Greg Rhodes at: 303-913-4840 or greg@uhlstudios.com

Keywords : 100th anniversary harley art, motorcycle art, archival art

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* Final Studio Sale reflects the price of the final piece sold in the edition. Once sold out, market conditions determine future prices on the secondary market.