Eternal Radiance

This masterpiece features Jessi Combs with the Navy bike from Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum in Colorado Springs.  Jim Tobul’s “Korean War Hero” Navy Corsair serves as part of the backdrop.  Ultimately, this piece is really all about the light – of which David continues to demonstrate his mastery.

In David’s words, “I wanted to add a strong light component to this composition featuring Jessi.  She always seemed to have this image “glow”.  Took a long time (8 years) but I think I’m nearly finished.  This photo of her is from my 2014 shoot with her for the Jessi piece we did that year.”


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Opening Price (2022)
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Regular canvas: 150, 25 AP, 25 HC
32″ x 24″
Oversize canvas: 20, 5 AP, 5 HC
40″ x 30″
Jumbo canvas: 10, 2 AP, 2 HC
48″ x 36″
Total Edition Size: 244                                                           
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Keywords : Women of Harley, motorcycle art

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