Roots in the Sand

Since 2005, David has offered a special piece for Daytona Bike Week each year. This year, he is offering a few pieces in different variations.

“Roots in the Sand” celebrates the beginnings of Daytona Bike Week–racing on the beach! David says, “If you follow my work, you know I love painting historic imagery, and this latest Daytona commemorative is no exception. I wanted to bring attention to the origins of the Daytona Bike Week rally. Daytona Beach was always known for miles of hard-packed sand, inviting speed on wheels. This artwork was intended to pay homage to the fundamental reason we all gather for the Daytona Bike Week Rally.”

Signed and numbered canvas prints will come framed with a certificate of authenticity and a commemorative nameplate.

Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2019)
Current/Final Studio Sale*
Regular canvas: 24, 4 AP, 3 APP, 2 HC,
20″ x 26.5
Large canvas: 5, 2 AP
30″ x 40″
Total Edition Size: 40
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
To reserve your print, please contact Greg Rhodes at: 303-913-4840 or
Keywords : Motorcycle art, Daytona Bike Week art

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* Final Studio Sale reflects the price of the final piece sold in the edition. Once sold out, market conditions determine future prices on the secondary market.