Snake Oil

This piece was conceived in conjunction with the Shelby American Museum in Boulder, Colorado and took countless hours of historical photo referencing along with the obvious time spent at the easel. “Snake Oil” features legends Carroll Shelby and Bob Bondurant and the timeless Shelby Cobra celebrating the peak of the Ferrari Wars.

A brief history provided by Eddie O’Brien with the Shelby American Museum in Boulder, Colorado:

This is a compilation of all the races Bob Bondurant raced in Europe to win the World Championship, Hill Climbs and Road Races.

This is the Cobra, the Ferrari GTO in the background is correct. Bondo beat it up the Hill by seconds, setting new hill climb records again by nearly 3 seconds. It took a Ferrari LM a year later to match it. The Cobra was running on 7 cylinders crossing the timing lights! Bondo said the car was never straight even on the short straightways.

Hill Climbs:

  • Aug 9 1964, Freiburg-Schauinsland Bergerenner
    7 miles 2500 ft elevation change; 172 turns Bondurant comment it is vicious, he was in a 4 wheel drift even on the straightaways; Class entered GTIII; GTO driven by Scarfiotti #60, (once belonged to Bob Donner), Cobras and GTO were always “the Race”; Bondurant won both races, hands down. Two runs on the hill Scarfiotti 6.56.42 2nd run 7.09.37 Bondurant 6.55.89 2nd run 7.09.37 (record 1st run)

  • Aug 30 1964, Sierra – Montana,  Grand Prix de la Montague
    Bondurant got word his Dad passed away. He dedicated the runs up the hill to his Dad. Broke the class record (GTIII) and won the race
  • June 13, 1965 Rossfeld Bergrennen
    Tough & rough Bondurant won the third Climb in the GTIII class with a car that was tuned for sea level, losing power all the way to the top. In partial rain with “dry” tires.

Very rarely does David allow the signing of his works by anyone else. Fortunately, he is making an exception this time! A limited number of each size of print will be signed by both Bob Bondurant and Carroll Shelby.

Print comes framed with certificate of authenticity.
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