David Uhl has recreated another iconic moment in the motorcycle history on his canvas, J.C. Pappy Hoel on his beloved Indian motorcycle in front of his Sturgis dealership. Pappy’s life passion was motorcycling. He was a motorcycle dealer and race promoter, and is considered to be the founder of the Black Hills Classic Rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota. On August 14, 1938, Pappy along with his wife Pearl, and other members of the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club held the community’s first motorcycle “Rally”, which attracted about 200 people. Today, hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the globe attend the Black Hills Classic. David Uhl is proud to present “Pappy” to honor his legacy on the 70th anniversary of this historic and influential motorcycle rally.Prints of “Pappy” are not available.

Keywords : Motorcycle art, Indian motorcycle art, Pappy Hoel art, Sturgis art

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