The original “Cannonball Baker” painting was presented by David to the winner of Class 2 of the Motorcycle Cannonball Run 2010 – Mrs. Katrin Boehner on J.A.P. 1907.

In David’s words, “I am honored to say that I was part of the Motorcycle Cannonball Run – being in Kittyhawk at the beginning and Santa Monica at the end. I have to thank my friend Michael Lichter for providing me photographic reference for these pieces, and for riding the entire race backwards. My task was challenging but insignificant compared with those who actually completed the run. By far the most difficult aspect for me was trying to dream up a composition that reflected the variety of manufacturers that were entered in the run. The piece with Cannonball Baker was possible because the availability of a vintage photo of Steven Wright’s. I took some artistic license and put him in front of Santa Monica’s historic Pier in 1915.”

Print comes framed with certificate of authenticity.

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Keywords : Motorcycle art, Indian motorcycle art, Cannonball art

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