Freedom Field

“This piece was conceived a year ago as a collaborative/commission with the Buffalo Chip. It was to feature Freedom Field at the Chip. It was formatted to be the cover for the Buffalo Chip Gazette (just released).

Kristi Noem and this vintage Indian were the perfect choice to be the focus of the painting (Thank you Kristi). I wanted the background of Bear Butte, (symbolically) to represent the turbulent skies often witnessed this time of year.

 Many thanks to artist/photographer Sara Liberte for shooting the reference photos. Also a shout out to Kiwi Mike for bringing the beautiful vintage Chief to the occasion. Hope you enjoy it!”

We are happy to release David’s first commemorative offering of Sturgis 2023!

These Fine Art prints come hand-signed by David, numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity and a special commemorative name plate.

“Freedom Field”  2023
Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2023)
Current/Final Studio Sale*
Regular canvas:  72, 5 AP, 5 HC
24″ x 24″
$925 fd
$1,250 fd, $1,100 unfd – RARE
Large canvas: 21, 5 AP, 5 HC
30″ x 30″
$1,450 fd
$1,895 fd, $1,645 unfd – RARE
Oversized canvas: 20, 2 AP, 2 HC 36″ x 36″ $1,895 fd $2,450 fd, $2,100 unfd – RARE
Total Edition Size: 137
Prices  are  subject  to  change  based  on  aftermarket  availability.
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* Final Studio Sale reflects the price of the final piece sold in the edition. Once sold out, market conditions determine future prices on the secondary market.