“INSPIRATION” , oil  on linen  30″ x 30″.  This  is  the  piece  I  painted  at  my  gallery  in  Oshkosh  this  year.  It  was  my  first  anniversary  commemorative  for  that  event.  It  features  Matt  &  Haley  Walksler’s  daughter  Ava (Dale’s Wheels Through Time),  imagining  one  day  flying  through  the  clouds  like  Amelia  Earhart.  Photo  reference  by  the  fabulous  Jim  Dohms.

We’re proud to introduce you David’s new EEA AirVEnture commemorative piece!

These  Fine  Art  prints  come  hand-signed  by  David,  numbered  with  a  Certificate  of  Authenticity,  framed  or  unframed.

“Inspiration” 2023
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Opening Price (2023)
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Regular canvas: 40,  4 AP, 4 HC
24″ x 24″
$895 fd,  $745 unfd $895 fd,  $745 unfd
Large canvas: 20, 4 AP,  4 HC 30″ x 30″ $1,295 fd, $1,045 unfd $1,295 fd, $1,045 unfd
Oversized canvas: 10, 2 AP, 2 HC
36″ x 36″
$1,895 fd, $1,545 unfd $1,895 fd, $1,545 unfd
Total Edition Size: 90
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
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