Strategic Maneuvers

David Uhl started his Nose Art/Pin Up collection 10 years ago at the Reno Air Races.  While there, he painted “Miss Behaven”. Over the years, he has added “Baby Doll” and “Georgia Peach” to this series. We are excited to announce the worldwide release of his newest addition, “Strategic Maneuvers”.

In David’s words,”a difficult piece to compose, it features a fabulous P38 Lightning being decorated with one of the beloved ladies that kept them company on their missions. The theater is South Pacific, where a marauding comrade in a Corsair dives in for a sneak peak. The trike is a TA, direct drive Knucklehead , VERY rare (thank you Wheels Through Time Museum)…Of course the spooked model covers herself from the impending invasion on her ‘privacy’.  I am a hopeless romantic, so this series is always how ‘I would have done the nose art’.  I’m sure it was a fantasy to have a live model, but makes for a fun piece.”

All prints are hand-signed by David, numbered, and framed with a nameplate and Certificate of Authenticity.

Edition Size
Image Size (W x H)
Opening Price (2019)
Current  Price
Regular canvas: 80, 5 AP, 5 HC
24″ x 18″
Large canvas: 80, 5 AP, 5 HC
32″ x 24″
Oversize canvas: 40, 5 AP, 5 HC
40″ x 30″
Total Edition: 230
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
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Keywords : aviation art, WWII era art, Corsair, P38

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