Bootlegger Betty & Ugly Eddie

Announcing the worldwide release of David Uhl’s “Bootlegger Betty and Ugly Eddie”,  the newest addition to his Women of Harley-Davidson collection. This series began in 1998 with “Ruby”. The latest piece joins the ranks of Brittney, Jessi, Ruth, Evelyn, Stella, Rose, Gloria, Pearl and the original Betty.

The story behind this artwork is a fascinating piece of history.

David tells us that this is a “window into of a turbulent time in American history.

“It has been nearly 3 years since my last release for the ‘Women of Harley’ series. I was waiting for the right pieces to put together a painting worthy of the previous ladies. Please allow me to introduce ‘Bootlegger Betty & Ugly Eddie’, straight out of the Bonnie and Clyde era. She is anxious to take off and deliver her shipment up to the Kennedy farm to keep on her tight schedule. Little does she know the authorities will be ready to intercept her and her 1200lbs of contraband.

“The rare New Standard biplane (huge thanks to Rob Lock and his wife Jill at Waldo Wright’s Flying Service) was confiscated in 1933 along with its contents, mostly Scotch whisky, some rye, and a firearm. For those interested in this snippet of American history, I will include a copy of the arrest report with the certification docs.

“Ugly Ed Juul plays the muscle with the Tommy gun, and the talented Warren Lane hands a crate of whiskey to my son Sterling in the cockpit. Then, of course, Betty Ballew is my lovely star pilot. She is actually an accomplished artist along with being an avid biker, cigar-smoking firearm instructor, and possessing a rich aviation background.”

The canvas giclee prints are now available for purchase. Each one will come framed, hand-signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity and a copy of the 1933 Seizure Report.


Edition Size
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Opening Price (2019)
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Regular canvas: 140, 20 AP, 10 HC
32″ x 24″
Oversize canvas: 20, 5 AP, 5 HC
40″ x 30″
Jumbo canvas: 10, 2 AP, 2 HC
48″ x 36″
Total Edition Size: 214                                                           
Prices are subject to change based on aftermarket availability.
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